Looking for a Dog? Here’s Where to Go!


You have made the choice to get a dog, and you have done all your homework. You know which breeds are best for your household and you are ready to welcome a furry family member into the home. Just as there were lots of things to consider when choosing a breed of dog, there is also a lot to think about when choosing where the dog will come from. Explore these common sources for dogs and the benefits of each.

Breed specific rescue organizations

Once you have decided on a breed of dog, explore the possibility of a rescue organization that works with that breed of dog. For example, someone looking for a greyhound may consider a non-profit that rescues retired racing dogs. There are often local rescues that can source a dog based on the type of breeds they serve. For the most part rescue dogs are older than a puppy you might buy from a breeder and some may even be trained. Volunteering with a rescue organization is a great way to test out the breed as well.

Animal Shelters

The Humane Society is an example of an animal shelter. They take in pets that the owners can no longer care for and rehome them. The cost of adopting a dog is usually less than buying from a breeder. You can find a variety of different breeds at a shelter and also many different ages. Many people like the idea of a shelter because you are giving a dog a second chance at a forever home.

Career change dogs

Dogs that were originally trained to be service animals or even used in military service sometimes get to the point where they need to retire. There are organizations that help these dogs find a new home where they can enjoy retirement. The same type of organization will find placements for younger dogs who started training as a working dog but for some reason just did not make the cut.

Beware of Pet Stores

Going to the pet store to buy a dog seems like one of the fastest ways to secure a dog, but many people hesitate to go this route because of the association some stores have with puppy mills. This is not always the case but it worth investigating to see where the puppies come from. 

Finding the right place to get a dog can be just as important as making an informed choice about the breed. There are several things to consider including the age of the dog you are looking for, whether a rescue fits your needs, or you want to adopt an older retired dog. Finding the place where you are comfortable getting your dog is a big step towards being a dog owner.

photo credit wernerjetden of Pixabay